ニューロマン ニュータウン編(予告)|NEW ROMAN Newtown 2017


ニューロマン|NEW ROMAN 2017




六甲山は泣いている|Mt Rokko is crying 2016



スナック琥珀|Snack KOHAKU 2015


醤油ひとすじ|Only Soy sauce 2015

まぼろし屋台の記録|Record in the Japanese SHOWA Wagon 2014

2014.07.12 at 東北屋台村inナゴヤ Movie,14min,Movie by Aiko Takada

<Japanese SHOWA wagon Project> has started since I took the opportunity of exhibiting in the Arts Challenge 2013. 'Japanese SHOWA wagon' is a stall installation displaying a lot of nostalgic things from the Showa-era. The concept is shows "ghost of the postwar economic boom". I showed the 'Japanese SHOWA wagon' in various parts of Japan while interact with people I meet there , I aim that people that sees the Japanese Showa legacy feel something remember remembering the Showa-era. <Records of Japanese SHOWA wagon> is a documentary video work displaying it in an event. It was recorded dering the Tohoku yatai mura (outdoor beer garden) in Nagoya that was held at the plaza of Kibou in Hisaya Odori Park (nagoya, naka-ku, Aichi Pref) on May to July in 2014.

まぼろし喫茶|japanese SHOWA cafe 2013


長者町繊維問屋街の“高度経済成長期のまぼろし”をテーマに、戦後以後の名古屋タイムズ、長者町 新聞などの広告記事やインタビューをもとに素材を集め、 絵画やライトボックスへと展開。
それらの作品を配置し、 喫茶店のようなしつらえのインスタレーション《まぼろし喫茶》を繊維問屋跡地の空きビル内に出現させた。
また、 自身が長者町の歴史やキーワードをもとに作詞した 《長者町ブルース》《長者町音頭》の楽曲を長者町の祭 やイベントへと提供し、参加型パフォーマンスとしてコミュニティーへと連動する。
For this event, Suganuma has created a time capsule-like record of the bygone era when the Choja-machi wholesale textile district flourished, exploring the theme of ghosts of the postwar economic boom.モ Based on materials such as pages from the Nagoya Times from the years following the war, advertisements from the local Choja-machi newspaper, and interviews, she presents paintings and light boxes in a retro coffee shop environment. This installation, Maboroshi Kissa (Japanese SHOWA cafe, is housed in a disused building that formerly housed wholesale textile businesses. She has also written lyrics, incorporating local history and shared references, to the songsメChoja-machi Blues and Choja-machi Ondo(Choja-machi folk dance), offered to the community in the form of participatory performances at local festivals and events.

まぼろし屋台|Japanese SHOWAwagon,2013


屋台の中には町の人から集めた古いお 土産物などが置かれている。

This is an installation work and the concept of the it is "yearning to Showa of the 40s".The wagon was designed newly.I borrowed the old souveniors from people of the town. I have recorded a short film in Endouji shopping street. I played the video on an old CRT television. I played old popular songs on the record player.